Helping Your Child Learn English

Are you looking to assist your child in learning English as a second language? The following pieces of advice can work wonders for you when learning English with your child:

* Use the English language periodically when you carry on your daily conversations

There is nothing better than this strategy of learning English, since you can maintain the same exposure to the language, allowing your child to more easily assimilate to it. The same thing happens when your child has first learned their mother tongue — you used to talk with them in the native language until they were able to learn it without mistakes. Now it is time to learn English in the same manner.

Having your conversations with your child in English can encourage them to answer you back in the same way and as such they will get a grasp of the language faster than you may have thought. Be careful to be proper in speaking the language, as you would want for your child to learn English in the correct way.

* Use the English language also when you play games

When playing with your children, you should make sure that everything you approach is educational. Several games are available to allow your child to learn English while playing games, such as puzzles or even English songs specially composed for kids. The games based on building up words are very useful as in this way that you can improve the vocabulary and grammar understanding, especially if you get an English dictionary for kids. These types of educational English games are available for sale, or you could even make up your own games, or convert your games from other languages into English.

* You can choose when is the right moment to include your child in the time that you spend in front of the TV.

Through the aid of television, your child can benefit from hearing English by watching cartoons or educational programs, with you sitting next to them, being ready to assist with words or phrases whenever questions arise. There are many kids who learn English simply by watching English language movies and their favorite television series. We don’t recommend that television be the only mode of learning, but it can supplement other teaching methodologies.

One of the keys is to incorporate several different types of methods into your child’s learning process. This will help keep the child motivated, and often is a more efficient method of learning English as a second language.

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