Top 10 NFL Teams

The NFL has gone through 3/4 of their season and it has not turned out how everyone has thought. The two rookie quarterbacks in Luck and Griffin have both over performed and led their teams to playoff hopes. The Lions have under performed being last in their division and in no way in line for the playoffs. Rookie running back Doug Martin has been a force for the Buccaneers and has given them a lift this season. And with pro bowler Adrian Peterson coming of a ACL and MCL tear no one thought he would be performing the way he is, he is leading the league in rushing. Now enough about the players lets get to why I am here. Who are the top ten NFL football teams right now? What are the NFL Power Rankings ? Well I am here to share them with you so look no further.

Top 10 NFL teams

10. Seahawks- With the big win over Chicago last week and their quarterback Russel Wilson improving every week they are a force to be reckoned with.

9. Colts- Andrew Luck has 5 game winning drives and has helped them improve from a 2 win team last year to a 8 win team already this season.

8. Packers- Green Bay has underperformed this year to where everyone thought they would be the best team in the NFL. With their troubles with their defense and injuries it is going to be tough for them to come out of the NFC.

7. Ravens- With Ed Reed and Ray Lewis coming back to lead the defense from injuries they should only get better.

6. Bears- Jay Cutler needs to stay healthy and help out the ball hawking defense of Chicago. Without him they have shown they are not the same team.

5. Broncos- Peyton Mannning has done a great job getting used to this new offence and getting his arm back in shape. Watch out for them come playoff time.

4. Patriots- Their offence is playing better than any other teams offence right now. If they keep this up I don’t see them having trouble with any team the rest of the regular season.

3. 49ers- With the quarterback controversy being a problem with them right now they are having some troubles but they may be the most complete team in the NFL if they play to their potential.

2. Falcons- They have been playing very well this season and have only lost one game to a tough opponent in the Saints but have played the easiest schedule.

1. Texans- Overall I believe that the NFC is a better division so it is right for the best team in the NFC to get the number one spot.

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