14 Best Winter Coats for Women 2018

canada goose black friday Open factory for many years, so something’s working over of the brand is not five hundred also have one thousand, say some big names to everyone reference, some fashion Korean version of down jacket are looking for our production, of course, the best brands or foreign, but that’s quite the need to Silver, the following directly into the theme, like the following of these brands can go directly to the day the cat buy, our home is open plant to do the goods, pictures of these are not necessarily all there is, my eyes only on my own behalf, specifically or to see your favorite isn’t it?

1, The north face(expensive)

canada goose chateau parka non fur We are familiar with can no longer familiar with the outdoor Brand, the main recommended is a White Label and PURPLE LABEL, the former is designed for Korean custom series, while the latter is a Japanese series~relative to the US in the National Mall to see the style, is simply beautiful too!! South Korea classic tailoring is the more fit body, Japanese models tend Japanese-style fresh style. Compared to the domestic order, foreign money does look good a lot, whether from the version of the type or quality required is very high.

2, Moncler is very expensive, there is a condition or their own to go abroad to buy.

canada goose clearance This needless to say? Many stars often wear it to go shopping, belonging to the outdoor down jacket industry’s top brands, divided into classic, outdoor, life of the three series also have worked with from Los Angeles Double artist portfolio FriendsWithYou cooperation launched special MoE of the series, the little penguin, the little smiley, so you get back the childlike~~is too fucking expensive!

3, Canada Goose(thief expensive, the best is still to go abroad to buy, worth to have

canada goose coat Famous Canada goose, which can withstand minus 30 degrees low temperature, because there are a lot of good-looking colors called sassy girl favorite, it is worth mentioning that those with the hat hair ring, with wolf hair, looking at it want to pinch a few, wear them with Eskimo. especially MoE~~Hey….. Anyway is recommend to you these girls, the price aspect you don’t care, right?

4, The Mackage is expensive)

canada goose coat mens Also is from Canadian brand, I believe you should hear of this brand handbags a lot, of course, there are also good-looking down jacket. compared to Canada Goose to say the price will be a little higher, with a minimalistic neutral style, there are also girls like the look of, the type or a lot of it~oops, anyway, not bad money!

5, The UNIQLO you read that right)

canada goose coat sale Have to mention Uniqlo’s lightweight down jacket, you may think it is not enough thick, could not withstand the cold, but worn on the inside mix is really good, there is a relatively thick styles can choose, the price is also cheap, take a look at someone’s home Uniqlo is how to wear it! Heck, give me ten pieces!

6, The Stylenanda(highly recommended, the price and bosideng almost)

canada goose expedition review Because the drama is gradually more girls like Stylenanda, there are a lot of Korean fan children down jacket can choose, short, cute, long paragraph boyfriend wind, and wild classic style, the price is also good, Oh~Oh, you believed me! Their home down jacket is really beautiful burst!

7, the BEAN POLE(petty Brand, the one equal to two good pieces of bosideng the price

canada goose factory sale South Korean well-known brand, Kim Soo-hyun endorsements, in Korean drama appeared many times! Unlike outdoor brand design less monotonous, adding more feminine colors, the cut will not be as bloated and wear warm and nice~

8, Tommy Hilfiger fashion brands, a short paragraph that is two boxing, suitable for white-collar treat yourself)

canada goose jacket American brand Tommy Hilfiger brand advocate natural, simple fashion, while the design philosophy, no penetration out of the youthful and dynamic vitality, and is particularly the typical American style brand down jacket belongs to the Joker style, work or casual wear, how collocation is not wrong Oh!

9, The Fjallraven I say? The Swedish Royal family dedicated…… The price of Natural is not Pro -)

canada goose jacket clearance Arctic Fox backpack surely you re familiar with, filled with Nordic-inspired colors, the upper body later also not bloated, wind-resistant insulation is winter a good choice too! A little expensive, pay attention to the force grid can start with one piece.

10, The Newbalance(these days, do bad sneakers, who also dare to do down jacket it?)

canada goose jacket mens You know actually, they also have a down jacket, Korean stylish politicians of the most loved sports brand. although not to the waist styles, it also brings another Style, Casual and comfortable, the color is exceptionally fresh, especially on the hat large plush, warm and good looks~

I once update finished is no suspense? Oops, no matter, as I think about it there are what?

11, the Aigle

canada goose jacket mens sale From 1853, the French outdoor leisure brand has been committed to in the city and outdoor life balance and sense of harmony, each season brings us a new visual impact and comfort. But don’t in the outdoor brand’s design, The agile in a casual but also very stylish, scoured the Jun try later fell in love with, in a lot of malls have the store, the day the cat also has a flagship store, the price is slightly expensive, in the 2000-4000+, whatever! Buy buy buy!

12, The Who. a. u New Year., you can make your parents buy you one.

Particularly suitable for students of the party Who. a. u, from South Korea attachment brands~full California lifestyle of the design, some of the American street style, present in many shopping malls there are counters Oh, trying on clothes is very convenient, the price is in 1000+range. Lynx flagship store style less, I will not and classmates Huangshan it!

13, the Teenie weenie only kidney X 1/10 the price

Teenie weenie inside don’t stop with the cute bear sweatshirt Oh, there are many female hearts of the down jacket, pink, blue, suitable for students of the party, buy it is also very convenient, the day the cat price in the 700-1300 is not equal to me of the down jacket, the Fashion Fashion the most stylish, on the way home I can’t help it!

14, the Moussy(Japanese tide brand to wear cool.

Japan tide brand Moussy design most are more stylish, the day cat flagship store and did not see a down jacket, but the store has a lot of new Oh, put on after the special concave shape!

canada goose jacket uk Some friends to me quite deliberately, see: why only care about the baby well-being, there is no one to consider me for this big baby feel?

Table urgent~in the collection it is hoped that the evaluation of the brand based on the reviews Jun also added a few of a treasure the high sales of the brand, an expedited procurement testing, in the torture out marshmallows numerous hairs at the expense of, the warm of the evaluation results is finally here! Please praise me not good!)

canada goose jacket womens The procurement of the 10 brands, a total of 40 pieces lightweight down jacket review, a row of hanging up, let the seen reviews Jun also trance into the show.

Each section of the specific information is as follows↓

In order to weaken the appearance of the difference, the better the evaluation down to the inherent performance, so choose a solid-colored basic models, and priority Black Rose red and gray two due to blackout of stock in.

Safety and health

canada goose jackets on sale Formaldehyde, cleanliness, oxygen consumption, odor. A down jacket can also help you test Safety, can be said to be true love.

Test finished found that 10 of each item are qualified in! But in another paragraph, feather cleanliness generally up to 600cm level, a high Vatican only 500cm, feather cleaning health status, although compliance, but the other 9, compared to slightly inferior a chip.

Feather quality

Feather quality look at the Four Points, the charge down the amount, the containing fabric quantity representative of the down of“amount” , velvet child content, bulkiness representative of down “quality.”

Charge down the amount

canada goose mens Ten, only ya deer A, and fill down the number of grams far less than the marked weight, only 41g, the deviation exceeds the national standard requirements. Little fairy buys such a jacket, fear is to be out in the cold shivering.

Contain fabric quantity

In order to calculate the down jacket of containing fabric quantity and cashmere sub content, lab girl, human flesh the velvet flowers and raw footage of the sorting, look at this mill the operation↓

canada goose mens sale After testing, the All sample by the contain fabric quantity is higher than 90%, of which, Uniqlo, Yi Yang, Semir contain fabric quantity is high, more than 94%, the vendor was very conscientious.

Cashmere content

Cashmere content is in line with the National Standard for“90 pile” of requirements, of which Uniqlo, a Yi Yang the two most prominent, higher than 90%, feather quality is excellent.


10, The sample down the fluffy degrees are qualified, Uniqlo, the high of Brahma the best, down to the degree of elasticity much higher than the other.

canada goose outlet Integrated four indicators, in the charge down the amount consistent with the label of the case, down the best quality, is Uniqlo, containing velvet volume, velvet child content and bulkiness are the highest, indicating the manufacturer in the fabric in the filling high quality down feather, worthy of its relatively high price.

Thermal performance

Feather quality is more abstract, eat melon masses most want to know or warm effect. Send your g Luo value(clo)↓

Note: This value is the thermal resistance of a representation unit. At a temperature of 21℃, the air flow does not exceed 0. 1m/s and ambient conditions, the sit-in by its basic metabolism is 58W/㎡feel comfortable when they wear the clothing insulation value of 1 g in clo value.

canada goose outlet new york From the results, boxing, a high Vatican, the snow flying three of the warmest, in fact, move the“small sun” ~

Fabric performance

Anti-drill velvet sex

Down jacket Rhinestone wool cannot tolerate, not only affect the appearance, the warmth also will be getting worse. 10 paragraph down jacket in the fabric anti-drilling velvet effect on the performance? A“devastated” to see the essence↓

10 products are in line with the National Standard for first-class products to the requirements of 5-15, the fabric anti-drilling cashmere performance is better, which, millet and Uniqlo drill pile at least, reached the superior product level.

Waterproof performance

canada goose outlet nyc Most of the adult jackets will claim that their fabric has a certain waterproof effect, but the national standard and no relevant provisions. In order to verify authenticity, we designed a waterproof small experiment, as follows.

10 paragraph down jacket with water pouring over reviews Jun found their fabric has a waterproof performance, a short period of time can be waterproof infiltration. But after all, not feather raincoats, rain snow days, or do not easily go out of waves.

Canada Goose Manteau Brookvale Homme
Canada Goose Manteau Brookvale Homme

Fifth, the wearing experience


Breathable performance through professional instrument test results. The real hammer here, don’t worry about advertising scam.

canada goose outlet sale *Note: the down clothing of the national standard does not provide moisture permeability, the air permeability of the limit value, with reference to the knitwear flakes type of moisture permeability at 2500g/(㎡·24h) or more qualified; the outdoor sportswear jackets of washing after the moisture rate of minimum requirements in the 2000 g/(㎡·24h) or more.

10 product moisture rate in the four thousand to five thousand or so, basic can meet the daily wearing demand, does not lead to wearing stuffily uncomfortable, etc…. We also convened four experience officer, experience a different breathable performance jacket, the body the actual perception of little difference.

Version of slim

canada goose outlet store Although wearing a down jacket intended to keep warm, but still do not want yourself to become a“Michelin tire” doll. That each paragraph is exactly the version of the type? We invited a medium build sister to act as a living clothes rack, and look down to the slim-fit effect.

Bosideng, a silk Mary, millet three waist effect is obvious, the version comparison .. 。 (Girl height 158cm, weight 49 kg, to be a reference Oh~)

The workmanship&design highlights

Canada Goose Brookvale Hooded Coat
Canada Goose Brookvale Hooded Coat

Finally, as you recommend

canada goose outlet store locations Honestly, everyone on down to the different needs, the elderly need to keep warm, the girls as long as the thin, rough man. only to see the price. According to the evaluation results, combined with your personalized needs, review Jun or give a recommendation.

Not difficult to see, millet, bosideng both recommended the highest frequency,

Ways outstanding performance thus awarded the comprehensive recommended.


Q, great winter light down jacket could not carry Ah, supposed to?

Tips: if you don’t mind, of course, is preferably thicker down jacket now!

Reviews Jun small Tips:

Canada Goose Brookvale Hoody Altitude Blue
Canada Goose Brookvale Hoody Altitude Blue

① Selected to contain fabric quantity is high, generally 90%of the calculated relatively high

② Is selected pressing the rebound fast, bulkiness is good

③ Selected good workmanship, the version is good, the people Maxim good to wear of all beauty

④ Under the same conditions, goose down bulkiness and warmth than duck down, and of course the price is also more expensive, as not bad money alternative goose down~

Q, but I want to warm and stylish, what to do?

In fact, to avoid becoming a“winter walk of dumplings,” the secret lies in the multi-stacked to wear!

TIPS: the outer layer is windproof coat+intermediate lightweight down insulated+in the layer close-fitting comfortable inside the ride

Truly realize the“go out not like a bear, the door can still be mounted b” , indoor-outdoor are you the most seductive.

Well, that’s it~


canada goose outlet toronto factory Winter to be fashionable you don’t want to keep warm?

Does not exist!

Tie a scarf, Messenger of a small child

Face grinning, thinking I’m the most tide

Canada Goose Light Blue Parka
Canada Goose Light Blue Parka

And Reviews Jun put together a slim down to wear them~

– True. Funky people not to diss reviews Jun only willing to hold your thighs together to change America!)

canada goose outlet vancouver Outdoor down jacket industry’s top brands have a French feather-King of cool the name of the first, they use only under the neck to chest and abdomen between duck feather, soft and have high water repellency, and then the average down lighter, thinner. Domestic foreign all stars are through yet, so necessarily will be a little more. Divided into the classic, outdoor, the life of the three series. Now also more use of the highlight color, in the money of young people is increasingly popular. So promise me, do not hold down good? obviously is to look at the face!! (A main is now wearing a short-sleeved short skirt knock word. hope next week to Guangdong, the fourth into the winter successfully I want to wear that new sweater individual individual individual)

Some style back waistband
[The Canada Goose] The
Canada goose, which can withstand minus 30 degrees low temperature, there is a lot of bright colors. Although called the Canadian goose, but in fact, he was home most of the down jacket filler is white duck down(why called goose……that In addition belt loops with wolf hair yo, dressed like an Eskimo so…. Meng it?

The I just don’t like the hat on a circle of wool, although very free by age warm, but will particularly want to pull down. Oh, it’s okay to answer the Main a poor student cannot afford)

Canada Goose Sylvan Mens Vest
Canada Goose Sylvan Mens Vest

canada goose sale To change known as the Canadian Brand, the price will be higher than the Canadian duck a little higher, a variety of Mature 冶艳 the sultry impression, vintage innocent young girls and simple neutral will image

Jacket length is best not more than half of the thigh, especially the low altitude of the star people or even the face are not saved………

[acne studios]
96 established in the Swedish fashion designer brand, there are a few paragraph down jacket is designed to be particularly good-looking, warm and handsome and have

canada goose sale mens Zara home? the clothes although the fashion, of course, its copy speed is very fast…….that Style is also a little more, but in fact the quality and price gaps quite large. His home down jacket discount when you can start with high-income people please automatically ignore, or add more money to buy better.

Kids' Youth Pbi Chilliwack Bomber Canada Goose
Kids’ Youth Pbi Chilliwack Bomber Canada Goose

Uniqlo flagship was comfortable, the double eleven when a primary bite of his home a piece of thick down, really 5% off Uniqlo is also cute haha~is said to waterproof, when you want to waterproof how to wash then immediately throw into the water, and indeed who the infiltration rate will slow some of the~~Is this

Buy is black, the contain fabric quantity is not high but the Guangdong winter Oh forget it does not say this, in conclusion of my evaluation is inexpensive.~~~~ currently there is no discovery drill velvet problems
Korea fashion leisure Brand, the main young market, comparison by Korean College students welcome.

[Laundry by Shelli Segal]
canada goose sale womens His home played the ad is“Korean drama actress has such a down jacket”
High school to accompany me two years makes, mom take advantage of the discount when buy, very warm inside plus pieces of thin T can for the winter, although now it looks like the feeling is God, then why do you have such ugly clothes simply life no love
[Some domestic brands]

Kids' Youth Pbi Expedition Parka Canada Goose
Kids’ Youth Pbi Expedition Parka Canada Goose

Partial to Italian design style, patterns, and prints section.
Europe when the force of the deck, partial European romantic wind

chateau canada goose review This home in China visibility is also fairly large, after all, in the down jacket terms for 12 consecutive years China sales first, it is the first formal entry into Switzerland and another European market down jacket brand. Is also quality inspection administration awarded a world famous brand slogans(popularity of this kind of thing can also be issued. Quality? or a little security, (casually asked the sentence you have who through the boxing down jacket? some students that Junior has a boxing-bingjie, wear for a few years, is that the style is ugly. Eh, it is to see the face look at body look with a. you weirdo home clothes what to do. Until I see them home a few styles, only deeply understand what is the face……)
If you’re a young cute girl, do promise me not to vote for this style this color okay? I’m serious. Even if the presence of the enemy long legs pretty face you told me how to wear out of the street? Eh yo Hey, the village has a girl named Xiao Fang. she today to go grocery shopping.
However, also some styles are the good-looking point of it, eh figure can only find it on the other lot really is……..
(Good fun today update times, Guangdong finally to start cooling a little in the expedition parka for men afternoon you can wear a sweater to go to class.~~~but tomorrow back to temperature, baby heart bitter Ah.)
[Yan Emperor]
87 established in China the earliest down brands. “Yan Emperor” of the fabric compared to the other more select a pattern varied and there is a printing process, a silk, peach skin velvet, cotton, etc. were down productions. The personal feel of his home design will offset a little younger, but also there is fun for all ages.

Pbi Expedition Parka Men Canada Goose
Pbi Expedition Parka Men Canada Goose

[Ya deer]
why is canada goose so expensive Eh, this next time you are interested in then more. Thank you can insist see here also to hold my tucao yo.
Eh yo see here, Sir, leave a LIKE and then go.~~~the opportunity to come to Guangzhou feel a year 12 months 8 months wear short sleeves the day so I’m on the down jacket have around not go to the obsession….that But my big Guangzhou delicious and more! Cantonese people will eat the clatter of flying through the sky the water downstream of the ground fried steamed boiled fried stew baked in a clay pot…. Not to like the letter not letter I even you eat? Huh?